Who are we ?

Horses of Legend is a meeting between two passionates, a breeder and a designer.

Mister S (breeder of more than 20 horses) and Mister A (Creative entrepreneur) wanted to promote equine world trought a website that provides good and authentic photographies of horses all over the world.
Therefor Horses of Legend can be said in one simple sentence: Highlight horses of the world (breedings, national haras, wild horses, …) with wonderful pictures. Nothing more.

Don’t hesitate to send us your pictures of horses here.


Illus_chevaux_Mister_SMister S


Mister S is a breeder who has more than 20 horses (barb and arab barb) for more than 20 years in the North of Morocco, Casablanca.
Passionned and lover but especially expert in equine world , Mister S promote horses through different competitions, nationals et internationals. But above all, he broadcast through different medias such as local press, radio and web. His big experience and kindness make is making him someone respected and appreciated by his peers.




Illus_chevaux_mister_AMister A


Mister A is a young creative entrepreneur passionned by graphic design and photography. His experience in different design companies gave him a true experience and knowlegde in the graphic communication domain. Therefor Mister A promote via HorsesofLegend, a genuine quality of articles and photographies.