Submit your horse stud !

You have a horse or a breeding to show us ? Please feel free to send us your pictures in a zip file via our contact form (and don’t forget to write a description of your horse or breeding). If you want to have the best chance to be shown on horsesoflegend.com, let’s keep in mind some advises :

1/ The camera: Forget photos with smartphones, you’ll have the best quality with reflex cameras.

2/ The setting: Put your horses in a nice environment. Think of a nice place graphically interesting (nice landscape, barn, etc).

3/ The commitment: Don’t hesitate to multiply angles of photos. Don’t always take a picture of your horse profile. Make some focus on some interesting parts such as eyes, tale, neck, etc.
Take photos when they eat, when they play and gallop. See an exemple right there : http://www.horsesoflegend.com/en/2013/06/18/elevage-arrizk-2/

If your horse(s) is (are) selected to be on horsesoflegend.com, a mail will be sent to you.
So, go ahead, we’ll be really glad to see your horses :)

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