Akhal-Teke Archive

September 25, 2015
Country France

Layon’s horses – Akhal-Teke & Appaloosa horses


We have selected some versatile horses to make sure that their future owner could find a high quality horse with an excellent mental, should he need to do some sport competition or to have fun. We are first focused on horses way of life, which is so important for their sanity. Our stallions are living [...]

March 30, 2014
Country France

Akhal breeding – Akhal-Teke horse


On the slopes of Toul, between vineyards and crystal, at the crossroads of Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland to 2 hours drive), the BREEDING AKHAL found its haven. Héloïse GHIRARDI has the goal to promote the Akhal-Teke breed throught France and Europe via her own breeding of Akhal-Teke horses. Her breeding is a family [...]