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June 30, 2015
Country Germany

Hamadi Arabians – Arabian horses


From Passion to Reality … Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the world of horses. I was still a little girl when my grandfather taught me how to horseback-ride. He shared my enthusiasm and curiosity for these wonderful creatures and promised to get me a horse of my own for [...]

May 28, 2014
Country Italy

Tre Balzane stud – Anglo Arab – Arabian horse – Egyptian


The Tre Balzane stud farm is located directly adjacent to the medieval town of Castel Ritaldi in Umbria, where there is not just the best olive oil, good wine and other Italian delicacies to be found. Here, at the foot of Monte Martano, Anglo-Arabs were bred since 1987 and pure Arabs since 1988. From 1992 [...]

April 25, 2014
Country France

Aslal Arabians – Arabian horses


The horse breeding of arabians horses, Aslal Arabians is located in Bretagne (West coast of France) in the heart of Brocéliande. Our meeting with the beauty of the arabian horse made us created the Aslal Arabians breeding. By our production, we want to preserve the mind and sport skills of this wonderful breed. The website [...]

February 01, 2014
Country Non classé, USA

Mindy Peters Arabians – Arabian horses


For the past 56 years and three generations of my family we have been breeding top quality Arabian horses. This is a passion and a lifestyle we continue to enjoy still today. Some of the horses we have bred have been exported around the world and also our horses have positively influenced the show ring [...]

December 28, 2013
Country Germany

Color of Fame Arabians – Arabian and Half Arabian horses


Color of Fame Arabians is the pride home of COF TRU Angel, COF Dagiano and Spot on SA and located in Lienen in the heart of the German Horse industry. Our farm is direct located at a protected landscape where our horses enjoy the peace and silence. At this wonderful peaceful place, where dreams are [...]